Risk is at the heart of all developments but assessing that risk against the benefit/profit is key to realising potential and that is what we analyse and if required we can source opportunities (that may be off market) to deliver that potential.

Adding value by:

  • Offering a service which objectively analyses an opportunity by presenting detailed feasibility in terms of the financials and saleability, advising in terms of property style and unit size together with referrals to a range of industry specialists to maximise results.
  • Having successfully worked on many developments over the years from feasibility to realising final sales we are best placed to deliver an expert informed opinion for you as a potential developer/existing developer.
  • Objective advice is crucial in assessing the feasibility of an opportunity but also in suggesting ways to add value and enhance the bottom line and speed of eventual sale.
  • We are 100% independent without vested interests in terms of trying to secure any resulting estate agency work in a completed development, therefore objective analysis is guaranteed and referrals to who we see as the right agent to maximise your bottom line is part of our service.